How to start working on Direct Democracy

το έχω μονο στα αγγλικά αλλά πρέπει να το έχω πει στα ελληνικά σε κάποιο φόρουμ ίσως το ολυμπία.

θα το εκφράσω και στη γλώσσα μας με πιο πολλά λογάκια

100 years of preparation to enter the golden era of DD should be the goal, it may not happen, people will decide on the matter, it’s a combination of frequent referendums and reforming the constitution while at the same time the state is focused on Education and Jobs/Economy.

national elections every four years, midterm a referendum, reforming the constitution and stating that the citizens of this country will have DD that this is the ultimate goal of the current democracy. No kings if you have no presidents no heads of state. The referendum is mandatory,


A) Do you feel that the government is fulfilling its promises in which fields

a list of ministries follows, people must tick them for example we have these…

B) If the results show great discontent in above 50 percent of ministries do you think there should be a second referendum for national elections?

yes no

within a matter of two weeks the people have decided if the government is doing the job as promised.

They are obliged to resign or they will be arrested for treason should the people decide they must leave.

when the referendum shows great discontent, head of the state is automatically the Supreme Court and the army police forces etc are going to act as a shield for him/her making sure that the government will resign and no longer obey them.

if for any reason no party manages to become government then it’s mandatory for the state to select one third of the future parliament Random (Dice) Democracy Representatives.

parties can form coalitions but they have to accept civilians in their ministries or make them ministers.

Accidental Politicians: How Randomly Selected Legislators can Improve Parliament Efficiency by Alessandro Pluchino, Cesare Garofalo, Andrea Rapisarda, Salvatore Spagano και Maurizio Caserta, University of Catania Sicily.

The citizens will have the right to volunteer or not for an unspecified period that will need renewal (tax returns is a good opportunity for people to just tick a box on the matter) to become a Representative if they were randomly chosen it will only be for two years after all, this is not a career. Only the citizens that have declared they volunteer for such a cause are allowed to enter the parliament should there be such an emergency to form a government. Millions of names I’m sure. We are many who want to help democracy and want to work for the common good!

Ήρθε άλλη μια τσικνοπέμπτη

εμάς μας βρίσκει στην ίδια εξαθλιωμένη οικονομικά κατάσταση που βιώνουμε απο τα Χριστούγεννα.

απέλυσαν με ένα κατάπτυστο τρόπο τον σύζυγο αλλά και άλλους συναδέρφους,


αυτο που έχω να πω στα άτομα που πέταξαν στο δρόμο τόσες οικογένειες:


γελάει καλύτερα όποιος γελάει τελευταιος

και κανάς αιθιοπας θα είναι ο τελευταιος

κι εμείς.